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Why Work With David Sornberger Photography?

In a world where people have limited attention spans, it can be difficult to grab their attention for even a second to keep your destination or brand top-of-mind when it comes to buying travel gear, travel products or booking a tour or vacation.

A partnership with David Sornberger Photography is a fun and effective way to increase tourism to your destination, or to promote your hotel or brand. This site is directed toward all passionate travellers and has targeted posts toward stunning travel destinations, photography gear, lifestyle tips and everything in between.

I'm a trusted resource for travel photography, travel tips and destination guides. I give my visitors free travel photography advice, showcasing the best travel destinations and accommodations around the globe. If you're looking to target adventurous travellers with a keen interest in photography, you should work with me!


Do you need a speaker who can offer added value, inspire, interact and provide useful information to your guests, employees or audiences? I'm an avid and inspirational speaker. I specialize in travel and social media conferences; travel shows and photography workshops and lectures alike.

  • Social media for tourism organizations
  • Online marketing, website and search engine optimization (SEO) for tourism enterprises
  • Blogger relations: Building relationships & working with bloggers for more success
  • Walking and photography tours of Paris, France
  • Specific destinations and responsible travel

FAM / Press Trips

Invite me to experience your destination and share it with my loyal audience of young travellers (18-25 years) through articles, videos and social media. I'm happy to team up with tourism boards to create engaging digital stories to attract more travellers to your country/region. I would be happy to try out your travel-related products, services or accommodation or take part in your blogger trip, individual trip or your online marketing campaign. 

Social Media Campaigns

Through my blog and social media accounts, you can reach a new and very engaged audience of over 20k followers. We can work on producing thrilling stories that will draw people to your brand and creating content that will add value to your website and social media accounts.

Brand Ambassadorship

Want to put a face to your brand? We can help to reach out to your target audience. My endorsement via engaging campaigns aimed at targeted audience will be a credible, trustworthy promotion and visibility for your brand and company. I do not work with unethical companies. Through a brand ambassadorship, I will promote your brand through a long-term partnership.

Photography and Travel Gear Reviews

Product reviews and giveaways relevant to my brand are also possible. I regularly review items like hotels, tour companies, travel apps, luggage, cameras and other devices. If you have a sample of a cool travel product for me to review, then I’d love to know!

Content Creation

Hire me to create professional content for your company blog or social media channels. Thanks to my travel and professional photography experience I can produce unique content geared towards your target group.

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"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes." - Marcel Proust