Over the past few months I’ve become obsessed with vlogging, the gear that people use to create their vlogs and  I’ve found myself spending hours searching out some of today’s best vloggers on Youtube. Brendan van Son is one of the vloggers who I follow and he recently posted a video in which he asks if photographers are ruining photography for other photographers.

He found himself frustrated by the conduct and the number of people at a tranquil mountain lake. I don’t hold any particularly passionate feelings about this topic or do I believe that the issue is as extreme as he indicates but I do believe that it’s a worthy topic for discussion.

I do know that there was once a time when searching for unique and off-the-beaten-path gems were more challenging to find. Today, social media is a wonderful tool to share these locations and also to celebrate them. It is also much less expensive to travel to far off and exotic destinations than it once was.

I believe that photographers have no more of a right to walk along the trails, positioning themselves near majestic waterfalls or watching a magnificent sunrise than anyone else. That being said, I think it’s common courtesy for someone not to walk in front of a photographer’s lens if there is an easy way around their setup.

My trip to Iceland this year made me think specifically about this topic even before I saw Brendan’s video. There were tourists flocking to all of the major sites and photography was someone challenging.  

Maybe the landscape that photographers shoot will shift as tourism continues to permeate the farthest reaches of the globe. Have you dealt with this? How do you handle it?

Are Photographers Ruining Photography for Other Photographers?
Article Name
Are Photographers Ruining Photography for Other Photographers?
How have other photographers affected your travel experience? Have you dealt with this? How do you handle it?
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